Konza United Way Investing in our Children's Education

Konza United Way strives to advance the education, health, and financial stability of our community. In our six-county region, 15,667 of citizens live in poverty. By funding in-school and after-school programs, Konza United Way aims to provide local children not just with after-school mentors and activities, but with people who care about their well-being and future.

Last year, Konza United Way invested in Project Learn which provided 704 children with homework help. Of the families that allowed grade card access, 85% showed improved grades. After-school programs like this one act to better prepare students so that they can meet their full potential. Konza United Way continues to invest in this program because of its return on investment.

Getting a good education is universally accepted as the foundation for success as an adult, but children and youth spend only roughly 27% of their time in school. Students motivated and engaged in learning – both in school and in community settings – are more likely to succeed in school and life.