Konza United Way Invests in Futures

A local mother and her two daughters were given a court-ordered eviction with four days to vacate their apartment. Struggling to make ends meet, the only solution they thought possible was for the oldest daughter to drop out of high school and find a job. This way, they might be able to afford another place to live. In order to pay the deposit on a home, the family sought help from a Konza United Way partner, Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. (MESI).

Konza United Way and its community partners like the Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. seek to assist our neighbors who are struggling to make ends meet. With 27.6 percent of Manhattan citizens living below the poverty level (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010), it is imperative that we help our neighbors through hard times to see them grow and eventually thrive.

The staff at the Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. assessed the situation and decided the best solution was for the family to check into the shelter instead, so that the daughters could remain in school. The three were then screened for the shelter’s housing program, which is funded by Konza United Way. After a short stay in the shelter, the family was able to move into an apartment through the transitional housing program.

Today, the mother is working and is able to pursue her CNA license with hopes of obtaining a higher paying job to provide for her family. Her eldest daughter graduated high school and the younger daughter is still in school. Without the help of Konza United Way, its partners, and donors like you, this family’s story might not have a happy ending. Lives change when we join hands to help one another in the community.