Self-Support Policy

Konza United Way Self-Support Policy for Partner Agencies

Konza United Way

Self-Support Policy for Partner Agencies


Konza United Way acknowledges that partner agencies should have the ability to conduct a variety of year-round activities to raise sufficient revenue for program and agency operations. With the exception of the restricted activities below, agencies are encouraged to seek funds on a year-round basis through methods that are achievable through agency volunteer and staff resources.

A Konza United Way “partner agency” is defined as an agency that participates in the citizen’s review process and receives an allocation from Konza United Way.

A partner agency’s “self-support” activity refers to any effort by the agency to financially support its mission within the community.

Restricted Activities

  • Agencies may not at any time solicit donors by requesting direct designations through the Konza United Way campaign and agencies cannot in any way solicit an employer to be designated as an agency in a workplace campaign through payroll deductions.


Self-Support Activities

On a year-round basis that includes the campaign period, agencies may conduct fund raising activities such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Membership drives
  • Special events
  • Direct Mail solicitation
  • Request in-kind donations of equipment, supplies or other non-monetary items
  • Conduct holiday drives for food, clothing and other items
  • Sell merchandise (i.e. candy, thrift shop sales, wrapping paper, etc.)
  • Request donations in regular agency newsletters
  • Charge fees for program services
  • Receive donations as the beneficiary of a special event hosted by a third party
  • Conduct capital campaign visits

Agency Compliance with Policy

Each agency is responsible for educating its volunteers and staff about the Konza United Way Self-Support Policy.

  1. All self-support solicitation activities shall be conducted and publicized in a quality manner so as to create respect for the affiliated agency and Konza United Way. High pressure fund-raising methods are discouraged. Self-support events should strengthen community relations and the partnership of Konza United Way and the agency in maximizing dollars available for programs and services within the community.
  2. No partner agency shall conduct a self-support activity that utilizes a general appeal for funds similar to the Konza United Way general campaign.
  3. If a non-affiliated group proposes to raise funds in the name of a partner agency, Konza United Way will look to the partner agency to ensure that the fundraiser falls within the acceptable activities. Agencies are encouraged to explore whether these fundraising events could be moved away from the Konza United Way campaign time so to avoid any confusion on the part of potential donors.
  4. Exceptions: Konza United Way recognizes that exceptions to this policy may be warranted. If funds from Konza United Way or other supporting sources are a relatively small portion of an affiliated agency’s budget, or if unexpected needs require an additional financial commitment, an exception to this policy may be granted by the board.
  5. Requests for such exceptions to this policy shall be presented in writing to the board for approval. The executive committee of the board is authorized to act on its behalf if it is impractical or a hindrance to wait until the next regular board meeting.

Sanctions for Noncompliance

At any time during an agency’s partnership with Konza United Way, the following will apply regarding violations of the self-support policy:

First Incident of Noncompliance

The Konza United Way board of directors will issue a letter of noncompliance signed by the Konza United Way board president, the Konza United Way executive director, and the chair of the Community Impact Committee. The agency’s executive director and board members will receive the letter.

Second Incident of Noncompliance

The Konza United Way board of directors will determine a reduction of the agency’s community impact fund grant (allocation) of at least 10%. Following board approval, this amount will be reflected in the community fund payments for the remainder of the funding cycle.

Third Incident of Noncompliance

A third violation of the policy will result in the termination of funding for the remainder of the funding cycle.

                  Board Approval of Disciplinary Actions

The Konza United Way board of directors must approve any disciplinary actions that affect agencies’ funding and/or partnership status.

An agency may request permission to address the board of directors by submitting a written request to appear before the board to the executive director of Konza United Way at least five days prior to the scheduled board meeting.


I,___________________________ on behalf of _______________________________________________ agree to the terms of this policy.


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Signed:                                                                             Dated:


Adopted by the Board of Directors:  June 15, 1993

Amended by the Board of Directors:  October 16, 2001

Amended by the Board of Directors:  December 17, 2002

Amended by the Board of Directors:  January 19, 2010

Amended by the Board of Directors:  October 16, 2012

Konza United Way, Inc. Name Change:  May 9, 2014