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Workplace Campaigns

Participate in Our Workplace Campaigns

Konza United Way’s workplace campaigns are about bringing people in local workplaces together to tackle our region's most difficult issues in the areas of education, financial stability and health. Whether you're a small business, major corporation or even a nonprofit, you can join the many local businesses and organizations that run workplace campaigns each year.

We Make It Easy

There are many advantages to running a Konza United Way workplace campaign:

  • Konza United Way offers a simple, convenient and efficient way for your employees to support the community and causes they believe in.

  • Your employees may give in regular increments, via payroll deduction.

  • A workplace campaign will help your company to achieve its Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

  • Your employees will be able to tap into a wealth of volunteer opportunities via Konza United Way.


Konza United Way will provide you with all the tools and support you need.


To start, check out our Campaign Toolkit below which has the information and resources to help you run a successful workplace campaign.

Konza United Way is a well regarded leader in workplace giving and we thoroughly vet our nonprofit agencies annually to ensure we provide donors with access to the most effective nonprofit organizations in the region.

Through a workplace campaign your employees will experience the satisfaction of seeing their donations turn into programs and services that create impact in our neighbors' lives. When they see the needle moving on important social issues in our community, they will know your company or organization helped to make a difference and they will feel proud of their collective accomplishments.

Konza United Way will partner with you to develop a customized fundraising campaign that aligns with your corporate values, as well as the particular interests of your employees. We will provide training and support to assist you in building your fundraising team and running an effective campaign. We will provide you with the tools and resources needed to be successful.

If you would like to learn more about starting a workplace campaign at your company or organization, or need assistance running your campaign, please contact Konza United Way at

Campaign Toolkit Resources

Campaign Coordinator Information

Everything you've ever wanted to know about running a KUW Workplace Campaign is here.  The Campaign Coordinator Handbook is designed to assist you in planning, implementing and evaluating campaign from beginning to end.  

NEW - Call our office, if you would like to learn more about our new e-pledge portal.  

Promoting your Workplace Campaign

Impact Resources for Current Campaign

Click on the image to download an approved .png Konza United Way logo for your use as a partner.

Campaign Toolkit
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